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Tracks on de Biotape

These are the tracks that are featured on de Biotape click on a title to view information on the track, artist and to listen to a snippet. Because de Biotape is a vinyl release the tracklist is according to vinyl standards, not numbered 1-15.

Side A:

A1 - Vikings in Tibet - Dial 2768437 to Wake Up - 2m36s - Indie
A2 - Animare - Lieve Zee - 3m37s - Downtempo
A3 - Jupiter Junes ft. The Goskifier - Supersonic Times - Synthwave
A4 - Model Depose - Bombs are Falling - 4m29s - Traumapop

Side B:

B1 - Jelger Staal - The Curse of Cort├ęs - 1m29s - Ambient
B2 - Jasper Staal - Tubular - 4m35s - House
B3 - Kenshon - Dubtraction Study - 2m24s - Dub
B4 - Marcel Davids ft. Sofie Ijzerman - Single Mission - 4m13s - Soulful Electronics

Side C:

C1 - Phole - Amsterdamsterdancer - 3m47s - Electronic
C2 - Drico - It's Here - 3m48s - Trip Hop
C3 - Tjibz - Legend - 3m42s - Trip Hop
C4 - Rum en Skunk - Mezelf Weer Achterna - 3m44s - Hip Hop

Side D:

D1 - deToon - Long Ride - 3m56s - House
D2 - Mononoid - Reiz (Original Mix) - 8m00s - Deephouse
D3 - Garnituur - Bommen en Garnalen - 3m19s - Nautical Gangster Rap*

*On the vinyl album this track is hidden, which means that after track D2 the listener needs to pick up the tone arm of the record player and place the needle in the next set of grooves to play the track.
Why? Because we wanted to add a fun little extra, use this option on vinyl that's not often used and also because the track serves as a kind of bonustrack.


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