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News about de Biotape

We are hard at work finishing the actual product. Sleeves will be screenprinted very soon. The testpressing will also arrive very soon after which the pressing of the coloured vinyl will follow.

As soon as the vinyl is in it's just a matter of numbering all the sleeves, putting the vinyl in the sleeves and then we'll announce the actual release date.

In the meantime there's no need to be bored. You can listen to the first teasers of the tracks on de Biotape on SoundCloud

As many of you may know, Groningen is home to Eurosonic, Europe's largest music showcase festival with alot of international performers.

On Jan 16 & 17 during Eurosonic de Biotape featured artist Vikings in Tibet organizes Synagogue Showcase 2019

Address: Folkingestraat 60, 9711 JZ Groningen

Line-up* Wednesday (Jan 16):
19:30 The First Wolf (NL) x Town of Saints (NL/FIN)
20:45 Roosmarijn (NL)
22:00 Subterranean Street Society (DK/NL)

Line-up* Thursday (Jan 17):
19:30 Cast Glass (DE/NL)
20:45 Mevrouw Tamara (NL)
22:00 Vikings in Tibet (NL)

On Jan 19 some of de Biotape artists will perform instore sets at De Jongens van Hemmes some of the tracks on de Biotape can be heard for the first time ever.

Address: Steentilstraat 10, 9711 GM Groningen

Line-up* Saturday (Jan 19):
12:00 Marcel Davids ft. Sofie IJzerman
13:00 Jelger Staal

*Start times subject to change


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