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News about de Biotape

We have now listened to and approved the test pressing with a number of artists. For most, it was the first time they heard themselves back on vinyl. It sounded very good, even better than expected! During the listening session there was also an opportunity for the artists to sign. Twenty signed copies of the Biotape are being made, these are almost completely sold out during the pre-order on The available copies will be offered at the release party.

Deepgrooves is now pressing the colored vinyl and the gatefold covers can now be screen-printed. When both the vinyl and the gatefold covers are ready we can merge them with the information sheet and the downloadcards and then seal them, this all happens by hand.

Now that the end result is almost in sight, we are looking at a suitable date to present the album. Of course we want to give as many artists as possible the opportunity to play their new song live. More about this soon!

Short fragments of all tracks can now be heard on SoundCloud:

We are hard at work finishing de Biotape double LP, aiming for a late Q1/early Q2 2019 release. Sleeves will be screenprinted soon. The testpressings will also arrive very soon after which the pressing of the coloured vinyl will follow.

As soon as the vinyl is in it's just a matter of numbering all the sleeves, putting the vinyl in the sleeves and then we'll announce the actual release date.

You can listen to the first teasers of the tracks on de Biotape on SoundCloud

The first track ever written by Model Depose was updated by the band and a studio recording was made. The track Bombs Are Falling will be on de Biotape, marking it the band's first ever release on vinyl as well.

Original Animation: TED Ed: The psychology of post-traumatic stress disorder - Joelle Maletis
Animation by Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat
Visual remix by Jobbe Holtes


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